workshop & lectures

Folk Art Flower Pot Appliqué

In this class each student will learn how to create an original flower pot quilt using paper and fabric folding techniques. I will also share helpful appliqué tips and demonstrate my easy needle turn technique. Creating your own designs can also be implemented with other applique techniques should the student desire (freezer paper, machine applique, etc). 

Material List: Sewing machine, rotary cutter and mat, copy paper, paper scissors with good points, fabric scissors, pencil, eraser, basic sewing supplies. Background fabric such as muslin, solids, or a very subtle print, 18"x22". Other fabrics either solids or prints in color choices that will contrast against the background fabric. Fat quarters and small pieces work well for this. Matching 100% cotton thread. 

String Quilts

Beginning in 1890 string quilts were constructed typically with a foundation, similar to paper piecing. In this class the student will learn an easier and faster way to create a classic string quilt.

Material List: Sewing machine, basic sewing supplies, rotary cutter, mat and 6"x12" and 6" square ruler. Various dark, medium and light fabrics. These quilts were made from scraps, solids, prints or a combination of these. 

Free-Spirited Baskets

Students will learn to construct baskets without a pattern and how to make them either on-point or on straight of the goods. This fun and easy class is designed for all levels of quilters from beginning to advance.

Material List: Sewing machine, basic sewing supplies, rotary cutter, mat and 6"x12" ruler, paper for note taking. Bring fabrics you like; dark,medium and light. Contrasting background fabric. Fat quarters work well for the baskets.

Wild Goose Chase with a Twist

Direct from my book Free Range Triangles, AQS, 2015, students will learn my easy technique for making Wild Goose Chase blocks. But I have a surprise addition that will add a new twist to this classic block. Learn how to make more than one size goose at the same time!!

Material List: Sewing machine, basic sewing supplies, rotary cutter, mat, 6"x12" ruler, copy paper and pencil. Fabrics in desired color choices. Solid color background fabric that will contrast against the geese.  Or light background and dark color for geese. You want the geese to stand out. 

The Art of Applique Lecture and Trunk Show

This lecture begins with a brief historical discussion about the characteristics common in antique appliqué quilts. We will then look at my quilts and I will explain how I use the ideas from old quilts in creating my own pieces.

Free Range Triangles Lecture and Trunk Show

This lecture and trunk show features my book Free Range Triangles, AQS, 2015, co-authored with Gwen Marston. I will show my quilts from the book and talk about how Gwen and I looked for ways to make triangle quilts with a fresh and vibrant look. Many of our ideas came right from our study of antique triangle quilts. I will talk about the characteristics I saw in these old quilts and show examples of how I used them in my own work.


All classes can be taught at a guild or shop location and are limited to 20/25 students. My teaching technique involves expanding your own creativity and setting aside limitations. If you wish to explore new ideas and individuality these classes are for you. Please contact me for additional information as I can create an environment geared specifically for you and/or your group.